Australia facing large scale organized Cyber Attack
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Australia facing large scale organized Cyber Attack

Australia facing large scale organized Cyber Attack

The Prime Minister of Australia has said that large scale organized cyber attacks are being carried out in the country.

According to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the government and institutions are being targeted in a series of organized cyber-attacks at the state level. Cyber ​​attacks are widespread, targeting all government agencies and essential services and businesses.

The Australian prime minister did not immediately refer to any government over the cyber attacks.

Scott Morrison said the attacks did not violate personal data on a large scale, but cyber-attacks took place several months ago and are now on the rise.

The Australian prime minister said his aim was to raise awareness and improve the defence of business. He added that such negative activities are being seen globally, so it is not surprising for Australia.


Scott Morrison said authorities had identified it as a state hack because of the nature of the attacks and the use of state-of-the-art technology.

On the other hand, cyber intelligence experts have expressed concern over China’s involvement in cyber attacks.

Experts say China is one of the states capable of carrying out such attacks, along with Russia, Iran and North Korea.

Countries that spend most of their GDP on military spending

Australia Under organized Cyber Attack, Australia Under organized Cyber Attack.

Australia facing large scale organized Cyber Attack
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