Badshah confessed

Badshah confessed to buying crores of fake views for Rs 72 lakh:Mumbai Police

Bollywood rapper and singer Badshah confessed that he paid millions of rupees to make his music video viral and set a world record.

Badshah confessed
According to Indian media reports, Mumbai Police is investigating a case of fake followers on social media. The case started when playback singer Bhoomi Trivedi came to know that someone was fooling people by creating a fake profile of his name.

Mumbai police summoned singer to investigate the case, Badshah confessed to the investigation team that he paid companies Rs 7.2 million to get YouTube views.
According to police, the Badshah confessed that in return for the money, the video of his song got 72 million views and he also set a world record within 24 hours.

He claimed that the video for the song “Pagal Hai” was watched by 7.5 million people on the first day of its release, thus breaking the records of Taylor Swift and the Korean band. Note that Google rejected the rapper’s claim and declared the views as fake.

According to police, the singer has no regrets about his actions and during the interrogation he also said that “I did nothing wrong by taking views for money”.

Mumbai Deputy Commissioner of Police Nand Kumar Thackeray said, “The singer himself admitted that he got fake views by paying a hefty sum of Rs 7.2 million to a company to set a world record.”


Nand Kumar said, “We are investigating the sharing of the song ‘Paagal Hai’ on social media. The users who may have shared it will also be investigated.”

Rapper Badshah, on the other hand, denied the police statement, saying, “I received a summons notice, after which I appeared before the investigation team and recorded my statement.”

“I strongly refuse the false and baseless claims of the police as I did not say anything like that during the interrogation and no question was asked,” he said. “My legal team is looking into the matter. We will resolve the matter soon and bring all the facts to the notice of the people,” Badshah added.

According to Indian media reports, Mumbai police have so far arrested two people in the case. Singer Badshah’s summons is also linked to the case. The arrested accused informed the police during the preliminary investigation that there were about 70 companies operating in Mumbai which provided fake followers to celebrities on social media.

Badshah confessed to buying crores of fake views for Rs 72 lakh:Mumbai Police
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