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Never put chicken in the top of the fridge

Never put chicken in the top of the fridge

Chicken meat is used all over the world, it is one of the most popular meat because it is relatively cheap and nutritious. Most broilers in Pakistan are currently used for food because it is mostly within the reach of the common man.

All of this is very good, but the problem is that some aspects of chicken meat are very sensitive and require extreme caution. It requires a great deal of special care at every stage, from cleaning and cooking to storing.

In this regard, nutritionist Mini Sacher says that chicken meat should never be kept in the top of the fridge. According to him, the liquid leaking from this meat can reach other objects and carry bacteria in them. It is best to keep the chicken meat below the freezer part so that it does not affect other items.


Minnie Sacher adds that it is better to bring refined meat instead of cleaning it at home, ie you can cook it without washing it. If it is necessary to wash it, be careful that there is no food lying around.

Do not let splashes of the waterfall on the objects lying around while washing it as the bacteria in the meat can be transmitted to these objects and cause disease to us

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Never put chicken in the top of the fridge
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