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The Fastest Smartphone 2020 with insane Display Fresh Rate

The Fastest Smartphone 2020 with insane Display Fresh Rate

Everyone is striving for better. When it comes about the smartphones industry every year we see something better from every company. One of the most important features for any user is the speed of the smartphone. How responsive the fast the smartphone is. The manufacturers also market their phones by citing the amazing speed of the smartphone. Which brings us to the point which is the fastest phone of 2020 so far. Fastest Smartphone 2020

The out of the blue entry in this race for the fastest phone is the all-new Nubia Red Magic 5G. It is a gaming phone as you can see by its design and hefty looks in the picture.

Fastest Smartphone 2020

We will come to the other features of the phone in a bit but there is no doubt that Nubia Red Magic 5G is the fastest phone in 2020 as the screen refresh rate is unbelievable. Fastest Smartphone 2020

This phone is reportedly faster than iPhone 11, Galaxy s20 pro and One Plus eight pro. These phones are ruling the market and in no comparison, slow phones but Nubia giving them a challenge in speed means Nubia has finally made a great phone which can compete in speed with all the flagships. Although Nubia is offering flagship killer price starting at less than $600. Fastest Smartphone 2020

The World Fastest Refresh rate Screen Fastest Smartphone 2020

The headline feature of this smartphone is the screen. It is huge 6.5 Inches 1080p flat M OLED display. It gets plenty bright and has P3 colour some reasonable resolution but not so good bezels around it but this is not new for us and we have seen many phones with such bezels. Fastest Smartphone 2020

However, what matters the most is the refresh rate of the screen which 144Hz. So which means right out the box it is higher than the usual standard 60Hz, which most of us used to. Even it is faster than the 90 and 120Hz flagship smartphones screens. Fastest Smartphone 2020

The screen of Nubia Red Magic 5G is super-fast, responsive and smooth throughout the UI. With this refresh rate, gaming and everything else will benefit except the battery life. Fastest Smartphone 2020

Difference between 144Hz and 120Hz Fastest Smartphone 2020

The question is, does 144Hz is actually better than 120Hz? Fastest Smartphone 2020

The answer to this question is not easy. As in numbers 144Hz is definitely is the winner but in actual real-world experience, it is more like asking a pro driver to drive Porsche 911 and a 911 GT. It is like someone who is super calibrated can actually feel the difference between those two things but as for regular users like us, both refresh rates are extremely fast. Fastest Smartphone 2020

Need for Speed Fastest Smartphone 2020

Although there is not much difference in the usability of 120Hz screen and 144Hz screen for daily use and they look not too different from each other. But if you are a speed enthusiast then this is the phone for you. It is also good to have this fast refresh rate to play games and notifications and other animations just fluid smooth with this refresh rate.

Specs of the Phone Fastest Smartphone 2020

The phone has the snapdragon 865 chipset and 8 gigs of LPDDR4 Ram. It has UFS 3.0 storage and as a bonus, since you know this is a gaming phone you got to do something extreme there is an active air cooling system. This phone has an actual moving fan and air vents to dissipate the heat.

Fastest Smartphone 2020

Complete specs. of the Nubia Red Magic 5G from GSMArena


High Numbers not always a good things Fastest Smartphone 2020

High numbers and their impact on the phone.

  1. The phone has no chance of being water or dust resistant with huge holes on the sides.
  2. The placement of the volume buttons and power button also moves awkwardly down little lower on the right-hand side.
  3. The bezels of the phone are a little bigger as compared to the 2020 standards.
  4. Better stereo sound due to its front-facing speaker and a fairly loud bottom speaker that pairs up in stereo to sound pretty nice.
  5. It has a headphone jack for sweet zero latency audio.
  6. Customizable buttons for games.
  7. You can also attach an additional headphone jack and a hundred gigabit Ethernet port with accessories.

Camera Setup Fastest Smartphone 2020

It has a mediocre camera that can shoot good pictures in a good light. But if the light is not good the picture quality will not remain the same rather deteriorate drastically. It is also clear that this phone is also not marketing to the people who are looking to buy a phone for photography. It is numerically a 64-megapixel camera but is somehow struggles pretty regularly to capture any sort of meaningful details or represent accurate colours. It also houses macro cameras and performance of overall camera setup is mediocre. On the bright side, the shutter speed of this camera seems to be better than the shutter speed of the iPhone that is due to its super crazy fast display.

Picture from Gizbot

Other thoughts on the phone Fastest Smartphone 2020

As this is a gaming phone so let get some gaming in. We have used asphalt and it was an awesome experience due to its super-high frame rate extremely responsive display we got air triggers actually we don’t think they are even called air triggers but the shoulder buttons and it all worked fine. Fastest Smartphone 2020

The in-display fingerprint reader is also one of the worst we have seen so far. There were so many failures in one under-screen fingerprint reader to read the prints accurately. The placement of the sensor is also very low on the phone which makes it comparatively harder to use. Fastest Smartphone 2020

The OS is also not aesthetically pleasing. It is not that bad but some colours here and there but it actually behaves close to stock android in some places like Google Discoverer page and the launcher but it also definitely has some quirks and is behind some of the big dogs like Samsung’s UI and Oxygen OS. Fastest Smartphone 2020

The multitasking, for example, doesn’t let the user switch between two recent apps in one motion like pretty much every other phone can do that uses the gestures. There is a weird bug where Google Photos keep crashing and it is very difficult to use them. Fastest Smartphone 2020

There is no wireless charging and no IP rating and the vibration motors feel pretty cheap It’s pretty bad but all of these things you sort of know that you are getting into when you buy a cheaper mid-range $600 option.

All that being said this is still the fastest feeling phone so far. However, the biggest question is with this phone is okay now that we have this is it worth it to go past 120 Hertz on these phone screens because you know this one we’ve.

We’ve got all these flagships up to 120Hz this one goes marginally past 120Hz but like you can imagine it keeps going 144Hz 240Hz and my answer is the law of diminishing returns. Basically the payoff from 60Hz to 120Hz was huge but then every step past 120 Hertz that we go will feel a smaller and smaller amount of difference but they will continue to take a bigger and bigger chunk out of your battery. So without yet seeing this mythical 240Hz phone that’s no doubt on the horizon sometime in the future.




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The Fastest Smartphone 2020 with insane Display Fresh Rate
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