Israeli drama series

Israeli drama series on Iran’s nuclear program

Israeli drama series on Iran’s nuclear program

Israeli drama series

A new Israeli drama series has been produced in Israel on Iran’s controversial nuclear and missile program, which is being called an example of propaganda through culture and art.
The eight-episode drama series “Tehran” was filmed in the Greek capital, Athens, and was produced by the Israeli public television network Kan.

The Israeli drama series depicts a young female spy for the Israeli secret service Mossad on her first mission. The agent’s job is to suspend Iran’s defense system so that the Israeli air force can destroy a reactor and eliminate Iran’s ability to build a nuclear bomb.

Iran has called the drama propaganda. The Tehran government has denied allegations that its nuclear program is for weapons development. The government’s position is that the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, to which it has the same rights as other countries.


According to Moshe Zonder, one of the directors of the play, although it is impossible for Israel and Iran to co-operate in any matter, he sees his play “Tehran” as a joint production of the two countries from a cultural point of view. “We’re speaking more Persian than Hebrew in the play, so in that sense I see it as an Iranian-Israeli series.” Can be friends

Israeli drama series on Iran’s nuclear program
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