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LG Velvet smartphone is Coming in early May

LG Velvet smartphone is Coming in early May

LG has shared its new teaser of their new LG Velvet smartphone. Although nothing about the specifications have been shared in the video. It is now clear after the teaser, the new smartphone is launching on 7th May.

The new video shared by LG does not show any specific features of the phone. It only focused on the raindrop rear camera module. 

The video from the tech giant LG may be referring to its release in South Korea. While there is no confirmation on the worldwide launch of the smartphone.

Moreover, in a previous video shared by LG showcased the phone from all sides and unveiled some of its specifications. Snapdragon 765 will power the smartphone. LG velvet will have 5G connectivity. While good news for the music enthusiasts that headphone jack is also visible in the video.

LG’s smartphone sales are declining every year. Which clearly indicates that LG is not following the buyer’s preferences. While the smartphone industry is so competitive that once you lose your edge it will be very difficult to jump back into the game.


The company also had issues in branding their smartphones. They had very long and difficult names of the phones. While the LG velvet as it is described in the videos shows that LG is now going to a new direction for this phone. Seems like LG is putting everything in this phone and trying to tick all the correct boxes this time. As the branding of the phone is also very elegant and simple.

What will be the future of this smartphone amid coronavirus outbreak, only time can tell. As the world’s economy is in crisis we cannot say how the masses will react to this new piece of tech.



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LG Velvet smartphone is Coming in early May
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