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Mental Health: Keeping Negative thoughts out 

Mental Health: Keeping Negative thoughts out 

Everyone is doing some sort of detoxing routine these days. It is equally important to keep the negative thoughts out of the mind and detox the mind too. As mental health is even more important than your physical health.

Positive thinking means increasing your life span as per Mayo Clinic. It also helps in lowering depression and better cardiovascular health.

One of the easiest and best ways to deal with the negative thoughts is to get everything out on the paper. Writing down your emotions and how you feel about the things around you is beneficial for your mental health.

While you are writing, it allows you to visualize and prioritize your issue and worries. All you need for this activity is a simple paper and pen.


When someone is not organized and over-cluttered it can seriously impact mental health. Intermountain Healthcare says that disorganized home or workspace can affect your physical health and can also impact relationships negatively.

An organized person can focus his or her energy and time on the more important things. It also helps to keep the negative thoughts out of the mind.

Avoid Toxic People

We built and we have many relations in our lives. While some relations are not good for us. We should map our lives and understand which relations are good for us and which are toxic to us. Such relations always bring you down and make you feel miserable.

Try to fill your surroundings with good people with positive energy who encourages you and motivates you.

Self Criticism 

It is really not good for your mental health if you criticize yourself a lot. While it is very beneficial if we have self-realization and awareness. This could help us to change our behaviours and other things.

But if we constantly criticize ourselves and keep on comparing with others it will never have a good effect on our mental health.

Talk it out

It is not always easy to talk about a problem in the relationship with your partner. It is very important to talk it out with your partner, friend and family member. When you have a heart to heart conversation with the people and express your feelings, emotions and thoughts in a positive way. It really helps in keeping mental health good.

Avoid Constant Use of Phone

Smartphones these days can affect your health in many ways. According to a study published in the National Institute of Health, excessive use of the smartphone in the teenagers may lead to a number of mental health issues. This may include sleeplessness, anxiety and depression.

American Psychological Association says that we should make conscious choices while using the phone. Some small actions like increasing the amount of time between checking the phone. Silencing the notifications and you might put your phone in a different room while you go you your bedroom.


Stress seriously damages your mental and physical health. While mediation is one of the best ways to wear off the stress. It can also help to clear the head and it is also good against depression and anxiety.


You need to allocate a few minutes for this activity daily. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Breath deeply and start to focus on the mind. While when you breathe out imagine the negative thoughts being expelled out of your body.

If you keep on doing this more often, you will start you see its results.

Keep Finances in Check

As our world is getting more and more materialised, our lives are going the same way. A study conducted by Northwestern Mutual in 2018 says that 9 out of 10 Americans agree to the question that nothing makes them happier when their finances are in order.

Money is one of the major source of stress these days. It is important to organize and develop a spending and saving plan in order to keep the finances in check. When you have complete details of your expense and income you can better track your spending and it will help a lot.

Act of Kindness

A simple act of kindness can bring smiles to everyone’s face. it can be as simple as complimenting someone when someone is having a bad day Or taking care of other’s needs over you. The feeling of happiness and joy you have by helping someone is priceless. It also helps in bringing happiness in your life and to reduce stress.

Priority List

You need to get your priorities straight. A cluttered mind is a recipe for stress. When the brain is dealing with too many things at a time it cannot concentrate on any of it.

It is important to prioritize your tasks and develop a healthy routine. Like getting enough sleep, keep office work at the office, spending time with family etc. You need to allocate time for each activity to keep your mental & physical health on track.

Keeping track of each task is important and once that task is done remove it from your list. In this way, your brain will be far bus cluttered and it will be able to focus more.

Focus on Health

Mental health and physical health are interrelated. If your brain is cluttered and you have no physical activity to do. It is going to be a disaster for both physical and mental health of a person. Physical activities really help in improving the mood, increasing the energy, keeps you alert and it also helps a lot in relieving the stress.

Eating right and daily physical activities can help in reducing stress and anxiety. Which helps in keeping the negative thoughts out of the head. Moreover, it also helps to address some cardiovascular issues.


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Mental Health: Keeping Negative thoughts out 
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