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New iPhone 12: Everything you need to know

New iPhone 12: Everything you need to know

The all-new iPhone 12 is going to get the biggest upgrade in years. Although iPhone SE is the new member of the iPhone family. The new iPhone 12 is also coming this year. As per reports and we may be seeing four new iPhones this year.

The release date of the phone is still uncertain due to the belonging situation of coronavirus pandemic but we assume that it may release in fall this year. While Apple is planning some big upgrade to their flagship device.

iPhone 12 will most likely to be the company’s first phone to support 5G. Some reports also suggest that iPhone 12 may get a design update and it might bet rid of iPhone’s notch design. It will also have the in-display Touch ID along with all-new camera setup.

What is expected

  • Four new iPhone 12 models are expected to launch this year.
  • We are expecting two devices with 5.4 and 6.1 inches od display real state while two iPhone Pro models will hose 6.1 inches and a whopping 6.7 inches display.
  • While multiple variants are expected to have 5G connectivity.
  • For better AR performance new iPhone 12 models may have LiDAR sensor with rear cameras.
  • It is expected that all variants will have OLED display while Pro models could have 120Hz refresh rate.

News so far on New iPhone 12

  • The new phone may come with IOS14 out of the box.
  • We already have rumoured prices of the phones.
  • New Renders shows that Apple’s flagship could come up with a smaller notch and later sides rather than curved.
  • While the production of the phone may be pushed back due to the prevailing situation.
  • Apple may add in-display Touch ID for the new iPhone 12 and the sensor is rumoured to be ultrasonic rather than optical.

Release date of New iPhone 12

Last year Apple smartphones were released on the 10th of September. While we can not say definitively that if new iPhone 12 may launch on same month this year as the situation in 2020 is entirely different from 2019. We can predict its launch in October or November this year. While reports from Bloomberg and Digitimes suggest that production is on track for the release. If the company manages to stay on course we could see the new phone by September this year.

Price of New iPhone 12

Most of the 5G enable phones launched are priced high as compared to other conventional models. As Galaxy S10 5G and Note 10 Plus 5G both costs $200 to $300 more than their LTE variants.  Even the newly launched S20 with 5G is $100 priced than S10 last year.

While Analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple is not going to increase the price significantly for the iPhone 5G as compared to their last year phones. His estimate is about $30 to $100 increment in the price.

Estimated approximate price for iPhone 12 is expected to be $700 for the 5.4-inch model and $750 for the 6.1-inch model. Moreover, the iPhone 12 Pro models price may range from $999 to $1,099. While Jon Prosser shared his expected prices.

Apple’s first 5G phones

According to reports, all iPhone 12 models will have 5G connectivity. While Apple is working with Qualcomm and Samsung to supply them 5G modems that can connect 5G networks built on both mmWave and sub-6GHz spectrum. It is very important to have both network support as some service providers are on mmWave and some are on the other technology. New iPhones must support all technologies. Predictions about the 5G capabilities are still unknown and we cannot say much about it. All we can say that users will still feel a significant speed boost as compared to 4G.

Design: Smaller notch, flatter sides

The new iPhone’s design is expected to have flat metal edges as in iPhone 5. While as per reports from Bloomberg the new iPhone will take the lead on the design from new iPad and iPhone 5. While the speaker is expected to be moved to the notch which Apple has managed to shrink. 

The image shared by Jonas Daehnert depicts that iPhone 12 Pro will have flat edges and a fourth camera along with a substantially reduced notch. The fourth camera could be the LiDAR sensor for augmented reality. Although this feature is already rolled out for iPad Pro.

The above video about iPhone 12 Pro Max from EverrythignApplePro shows the CAD renders and leaks. The video cited reliable leak source, Max Weinbach. It shows that 6.7 inches iPhone 12 Pro Max will have flat edges, a LiDAR scanner, a substantially small notch. While overall the phone will be thinner than iPhone 11 Pro Max but will be taller.

Some rumours also suggest that Apple may introduce a blue colour iPhone 12. This will replace the Midnight Green colour offered earlier with iPhone 11 Pro.  

New iPhone 12 Models

Ming-Chi Kuo has forecasted that Apple may release 4 different models in 2020 with screen size ranges from 5.4 to 6.7 inches. While all models will have 5G connectivity. These phones will also have OLED screen this will also be a major change. 


The RAM is rumoured to be 6 GB for the larger versions of 6.1 and 6.7 inches. while the smaller versions will house 4 GB RAM. Reportedly The new iPhone will have A14 Bionic chip manufactured on a smaller and powerful 5-nanometer processor.

Cameras of New iPhone 12


iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max had triple-lens rear camera setup. We can expect that Apple will continue that design for 2020. While it is expected that with three cameras Apple will add a LiDAR sensor.

Moreover, Fast Company confirmed by a source that there will be a world facing 3D camera on the back of the phone. Earlier 9toMac code in IOS 14 was seen which confirms the speculation about the sensor on the new iPhone 12. Apple might be experimented by this feature on their iPad Pro and now they think this feature is all ready to be used on the iPhones.

The sensor will judge the distance between the object and the phone more accurately and this will eventually lead to better portrait shots. It will also help in tracking the objects accurately in AR applications. Apple also filed a patent on a periscope telephoto lens that will exponentially increase the range of the zoom.

Digi Times has published about iPhone using a sensor-shift. Which is a new kind of image stabilization technology, which works by detecting the movement of the phone and then it moves the camera sensors in the opposite direction and keeps the picture more stable? Commonly used stabilization technology used in modern smartphones is optical image stabilization. In this technology, the sensors remain on the place and lens are moved to make the image stable.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the camera array could have a 7 part plastic element instead of 6P which is being used in previous iPhones. This will help the iPhone 12 with magnifications and images will be less distorted than before.

The iPhone 12 could have Sony’s coming IMX686 image sensor which captures 64 megapixels while it also can shoot with optimized 16 megapixels with improved light sensitivity. While all iPhone 11 variants had Sony sensors with 12 megapixels. 

New iPhone 12 performance

The new iPhone will be powered by the next-gen A-series chip. We are still not certain about the complete capabilities of the chip but through the leaked Geekbench 5 scoreboard, as shown above, suggests that new range of the iPhones will be a beast performer and will be on the top in terms of performance. Although the Snapdragon 865 chipset has shown good performance and the gap between A13 performance is not to steep. While the rumoured A14 have shown better results on the benchmark as compared to competing Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra. 

120Hz Refresh Rate for New iPhone 12

The new iPhone could also feature a 120Hz refresh rate instead of 60Hz. Digi Times also reported that the new Apple Phone will have 12oHz refresh rate as they had in iPad Pro.

120Hz refresh rate means the display interaction will be smoother. All new flagships are now featuring this refresh rate. So far OnePlus 8 Pro, ROG 2 and S20 already have 120Hz refresh rate. 

Touch ID in the display

According to the reports It is also expected that one of the models could have an under-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. This will be also a new feature which is already used by many competitors. The reports say that GIS and BOE are collaborating on this project. While MacRumors says that Apple can enable fingerprint recognition anywhere on the display. On the other hand, Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that Apple is going to wait until 2021 to enable this feature. 

New iPhone 12 Charging

Since iPhone 5 Apple had introduced its Lighting port for all iPhones but it seems like things are changing for the new iPhone. The new generation may have USB-C. All other iPhone competitors are using USB-C as EU is working on a law to make all manufacturers use only USB-C to increase the user convenience and also to decrease the waste. If the law is finalised then Apple has to comply with it anyway. So we believe that it is the right time that Apple introduces the USB-C for its phones now. Work is also in progress on reducing the size of the chargers will keeping the voltage same. The new iPhone could come with 65 watts compact charger. 

Face ID for a New Purpose

Face Id is usually used for unlocking the device, for purchases and Apple payments. However, According to Apple Insider, Apple has got the patent for a new purpose of face ID. As per reports, the new feature will enable the phone to determine the position of the user concerning the phone. Which means that even the user interacting with the phone while it is laying flat on the table or holding the phone over the head the device will recognize the directions and will orient the screen accordingly. This feature may be rolled out with IOS14 for all devices. 


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New iPhone 12: Everything you need to know
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