Oppo introduces world's fastest charger
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Oppo introduces world’s fastest charger

Oppo introduces World’s Fastest Charger

Oppo, the world’s leading mobile and technology company, has introduced the world’s fastest 125-watts charger for consumers worried about mobile charging. According to the international news agency, Chinese company Oppo has solved a major problem of consumers by introducing high speed and powerful 125-watts charger for smart mobile phones. In addition, 50-watts mini Super VOOC charger, 110-watts mini flash charger and 65 watts Air VOOC wireless charger have also been introduced.

Oppo unveiled its new charger at an event where a company spokesperson told the media that the 4,000 mAh mobile battery can be charged by 125-watts flash charger technology at 41% in just 5 minutes and 100% in 20 minutes. Which will save users time.


An Oppo spokesperson added that the charges also use technology that provides 10 additional temperature sensors and 3 parallel charge pumps to ensure the safety of the smartphone and its power cell. Improve distribution. These chargers will be available in the market soon but their prices have not been announced yet.



Oppo introduces world’s fastest charger, Oppo introduces world’s fastest charger, Oppo introduces world’s fastest charger.

Oppo introduces world’s fastest charger

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