Pakistan's Government Bans PUBG

Pakistan’s Government Bans PUBG what should we do

Pakistan’s Government Bans PUBG what should we do

Government of Pakistan has decided to impose a ban on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which is also widely known as PUBG.

The PTA said a decision on its permanent ban will be made after holding lengthy discussions with all stakeholders. PTA also asked the people to share their thoughts on this issue by emailing at [email protected]

According to the authorities they have received may complaints against PUBG. These complaints suggest that the game is addictive, wastage of time and possess a serious negative impact on the physical and psychological health of children.

PUBG received global attention in recent years. Millions of players play this game regularly and there are youtube channels dedicated to this video game and those videos have millions of views depicting the popularity of the game.

PUBG, which has been developed by a South Korean company, is a 2017 survival game in which players are dropped onto an island to battle it out against others.

The multiplayer game allows players from all over the world to compete against each other or in teams. Players attack and kill each other in the game and the more you win, the higher you rank. It has garnered 34.2 million downloads worldwide so far.

As many as three cases of suicide in Lahore have been linked with young adults playing this online game.

On June 20, a 20-year-old took his own life in Saddar Bazaar in North Cantonment. The police said that his parents had stopped him from playing the online game.

Three days later, another suicide was reported in Hanjarwal. The DIG Operations Ashfaq Ahmed Khan said that they found the young man’s cell phone in the room and the PUBG app was running on it.

The police found the body of a 30-year-old man at his flat in Lahore’s Factory Area on Tuesday night. “We are investigating the case and can’t determine the exact reason behind the death,” a police officer said, adding that it can’t be confirmed whether the death was another case linked with playing online games.


Banning PUBG is not the solution

However, the onus responsibility for the kids physical and mental health lies on the parents. The parents and guardians of the kids should ask themselves why their kids have smartphones with them. Why they do not encourage them and motivate them to take part in more physical activities. Why we hand over our smartphones to our kids.

We need to change our thinking and we have to come up with better parenting. Banning PUBG will not solve the issue. In just a few days we will see another viral app or video game that will again hook up us all. What we will do then? We will block the internet? Probably not.

Rather best solution is to educate the kids. We cannot control the kids of 2020 like we used to do in 1920 anymore. Technology is expanding exponentially and we cannot stop it now. Closing doors to everything will not solve the problem.

We need to ask ourselves why we are not able to produce a single game like PUBG. That is because we are going in a completely opposite direction. We are not giving our kids the right direction and blaming everything else than ourselves.

Another aspect of this issue is increasing psychological issues in our society. We are ignoring this fact that most of the kids are now dealing with depression and other issues as os the adults. We never thought about it nor we are now doing anything productive to counter these issues.





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Pakistan’s Government Bans PUBG what should we do
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