Reheated Food may become toxic
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Reheated Food may become toxic

Reheated Food may become toxic

Many people reheat food but do not know that this habit can be harmful to health. Take a look at items that can be toxic when heated. In modern times, due to lack of time, after cooking, it is often kept in the fridge or freezer. In case of hunger, it is taken out and put in the microwave or stove, heated and eaten.

But did you know that there are some common foods that can be extremely harmful to health when reheated after cooking and freezing? Here’s a look at seven foods that need to be taken care of when reheating.


Many people like potatoes. The general impression of them is that potatoes can be cooked quickly and reheated and stored. But not really, After the potatoes are cooked, if they are left at room temperature, bacteria will grow in them. It does not kill bacteria in the freezer. Upon reheating, they can form Clostridium botulinum bacteria, which can cause poisoning.

According to the German website Grazia, the best thing to do is to cook and use them and avoid refrigerating them. If you want to freeze them, then it is better to freeze them immediately after cooking. Do not use the microwave to reheat, but put it in a pot and reheat it on the stove for several minutes.


Like potatoes, rice can spread bacteria quickly and does not die when heated. This part of the bacteria in rice causes food poisoning. Experts also advise them to eat only freshly cooked rice like potatoes and if necessary, cook them and cool them immediately and store them.



Eggs are a great source of protein, but reheating boiled, fried, or omelette eggs can be extremely harmful to health. High-protein foods also contain large amounts of nitrogen, which can be toxic when heated and can cause cancer. Eat them immediately after cooking. If it is to be used later, then avoid reheating in any way, including the microwave.

chicken meat

What is the taste of food if the chicken curry is not hot? But wait, they contain protein just like eggs. That is, reheating it after cooling it is not without danger. The protein content of chicken meat has changed since it was taken out of the fridge and if heated, it can become poisonous and affect the digestive system.

Cooking oil

Sunflower, canola oil and other cooking oils that have been cold-compressed should also not be reheated. Cooking oil contains omega-3 which is very sensitive to heat. According to medical experts, they should avoid hot food.


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Reheated Food may become toxic
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