Wuppertal, Germany_A Road Trip


An Enewspakistan team member has captured some sites of Wuppertal, a city in West Germany which is famous for its unique suspension Railways, Woods and Parks, Steep Slopes, and a lot of Hydro powers. The city is greenest in Germany and around 66% of the total area is covered with green space.


Schwebeahn/ Suspension Railways are one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Wuppertal. Only 8 such suspension railways exist in whole world. The train was inaugurated in 1901 and is 13.3 km long with 20 stations. The train comprises types of Wagons among which Kaiserwagen are extremely popular and it gets sellout months in advance.


In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Wupper valley was one of the largest industrial regions of continental Europe. The increasing demand for coal from the textile mills and blacksmith shops encouraged the expansion of the nearby Surgeries. City still is a major industrial centre, being home to industries such as textiles, metallurgy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, automobiles, rubber, vehicles and printing equipment.


The Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy and the European Institute for International Economic Relations are located in the city. Wuppertal possesses over 4500 buildings classified as national monuments.

The Wuppertal university is located at comparatively elevated area and whole of the valley and city area can be seen from here.


Wuppertal, Germany_A Road Trip
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